About Us

The non-profit organization Cabane à Sang has been a significant player in genre cinema in Quebec for the past 6 years. Cabane à Sang's mission can be summarized in three distinct points: screening, promoting, and creation opportunities.

Cabane à Sang offers numerous opportunities for the screening of local and international short films. These events, which are expanding beyond the Montreal area, showcase genre films of all budgets from filmmakers around the world. With its diverse and audacious programming, Cabane à Sang provides a unique platform for local and international filmmakers to present their creations to the public.

The screenings organized by Cabane à Sang offer a real showcase for genre cinema. The selected short films gain increased visibility among an enthusiastic audience eager for original and offbeat cinematic discoveries.

Through its PARTY POOPER SPECTACULAR TRASH FILM COMPETITION project, initiated in 2022, Cabane à Sang focuses its efforts on creating an environment ripe for the creation of Quebec genre films. The projects resulting from this competition are then screened and promoted by Cabane à Sang.

Furthermore, Cabane à Sang constantly seeks to expand its influence and create partnerships with other festivals, non-profit organizations, and businesses, allowing the selected short films to gain increased visibility at the national and international levels.

In summary, Cabane à Sang is more than just a film festival or screening series, it is a true springboard for genre filmmakers from Quebec and beyond. By offering opportunities for screening, promotion, networking, and collaboration, Cabane à Sang actively contributes to the promotion of genre cinema and the growth of emerging talents in the industry.