Party Pooper Competition

The greasy and 100% Quebec-made PARTY POOPER SPECTACULAR TRASH FILM COMPETITION, is back in full force this year with a most offbeat edition! Whether you're a first-time filmmaker or a veteran of the film set, this trashy and juicy screening is the perfect opportunity to show off your skills.

The concept is simple: make a film of 5 minutes or less, with a budget of less than $200 while respecting secret rules imposed by the festival. The winning film team will win the incredible grand prize of $200!

No matter what technical means you have, whether it's your Aunt Linda's old Super 8 camera or a GoPro strapped to your pet rat's head, this competition is open to all. The goal is to give everyone a chance to produce original and creative content. No need for a big budget or sophisticated equipment, imagination is your only limit!

But beware, sensitive souls please! This competition is for genre film lovers only and this screening promises to be full of thrills and surprises. The imposed rules will certainly give rise to twisted, original and crazy films that will surprise and entertain you.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover Quebec genre cinema from a new angle, with films that go off the beaten path and push the limits of creativity. Whether you're a genre enthusiast or simply curious to discover new talent, this greasy competition is the event not to be missed. Come and encourage local filmmakers, be surprised by their inventiveness and dive into a unique cinematic universe.