Loudvic Beaulne

Country: Canada

Film aficionado, part time photographer, emerging filmmaker, wannabe showrunner.

I am the son of a graphic designer who would have rather been a cartoonist, and a hairdresser that could have became an international singer. Both of my parents came from the middle class, so their dreams quickly faded with peer pressure. Even though my parents brought me up to chase my dreams; i did the same thing as them. I settled for a job that paid the bills, and a security for my family. But cinema was always lurking in the back of my head from as far as I can remember. So it's no surprise that my mid-life crisis plunged me into a deep thirst to create films. Luckily, now I have something to say, and knowledge to draw upon. Hopefully, it will reflect in my works.


Nippon-Ici [2024]

Directed by Loudvic Beaulne

Caught off guard by the appearance of an extradimensional being in her apartment, Lily manages to communicate, but pays the ultimate price.

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