Charlie Agadjanian

Country: Canada

Found at the foot of mountain Ararat, the orphan baby was raised by the gypsy caravan, which took him throughout the USSR in the 90's, teaching him the Tarot, music and thievery.

After finally making his way to the Americas, the promised land, Charlie spent his 20’s experimenting with mysticism and performing in a semi-successful musical act: Barton Fink - Freakiest Local Act [Cult MTL 2014]


WOW Burger [2024]

Directed by Charlie Agadjanian

"Wow Burger" is a satirical short film that delves into the theme of the rejection of westernization through the lens of an eccentric commercial. The charismatic game show host, Ricky Blaze, introduces the sensational Wow Burger, a brand reminiscent of American fast food giants like McDonald's. Elvis, embodying the essence of Americana, is showcased as 'All American Meat' - a once revered status symbol now symbolizing entrapment. As a Japanese Samurai enters the scene, representing traditional Japanese culture, the film explores the influence of Americanism and the underlying resentment towards Western culture. The juxtaposition of traditional values with the flashy and chaotic commercial setting highlights the clash of cultures. The film's final image, an 'explosion of flavour,' is paralleled with an atom bomb explosion, underscoring the impact of Western influence. 

'Wow Burger' serves as a humorous yet thought-provoking commentary on cultural collision, commercialism, and the rejection of Western ideals.

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