The Impalers [1969]

Alan Kolovsky, a degenerate contract killer with a debilitating gambling problem, owes an outrageous amount of money to local MC, The Impalers.

Offering him one last chance to save his deadbeat life, club president Gary Gordon tasks Kolovsky with delivering a suitcase to the old North American Aerospace Defense Command Bunker, just north of Montreal.

The drive to the countryside takes a bloody hard turn into hell when full patch member Speedball Vachon and his greasy crew of blood-thirsty bikers, decide to undercut their president, take full control of the Impalers and stop Kolovsky in his tracks.

Now with a target on his head, Kolovsky plays one last round of Russian roulette, aas he finds out the only thing bigger than Speedball's desire for money and power, is his appetite for inflicting suffering to his enemies.
All bets are off as Montreal, the island of vice, is set ablaze while the underground power struggle rages on...

Writer(s): Jean-Philippe Langlois
Genres: Bikersploitation,
Language: French
Aspect Ratio: 16:9