Baby Boom [2021]

Directed by Thomas Lunde

The middle-aged alcoholic Runar believe he has scored the perfect date. Things take a strange turn when he realizes he's impregnated with her alien eggs. Some fun facts: features a Lydia Laska remix by Alap Momin aka Oktopus (Dälek) which will be released as a single together with the film. And it stars Espen Lervaag. The mind behind Maniac which was remaked by Cary Joji Fukunaga for Netflix.

Writer(s): Thomas Lunde, Espen Aukan, Martin Henriksen Ødegaard
Producer(s): Geir Bergersen, Tina Shruti Karlsen
Duration: 13 Minutes 31 Seconds
Genres: Scifi, comedy, horror, fantasy
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian
Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1
Thomas Lunde

Director Thomas Lunde developed his skills in one of Norway’s leading production companies and has a strong passion for absurd slapstick, horror and sci-fi.

Creativity is his drug and he simply love satire. He loves play around with gender roles, stereotypes and clichés. He strives to be genuine oddball always longing for creative freedom. Because under the right circumstances he know that creativity can have a life of its own. And that’s where the real magic happens.

Thomas has directed several award winning music videos and short films, including A(r)men which he made in collaboration with Effektmakeren. A(r)men won “Best of Shorts” over at Calgary International Film Festival and was screened at amongst others Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film, Big Sur International Short Film Festival, Telluride Horror Show and Newport Beach Film Festival. It was featured as an extra on the international Dead Snow 2 Blu-ray.

Over a 3 year periode he has now researched innovative use of interactivity and mixed-reality in collaboration with amongst others The Norwegian University of Science and Technology